When it comes down to it, I love travel. I love wild spaces. My passion is to create photos that depict wildlife immersed in their natural habitat. My goal is to use photography to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and seek out these breathtaking moments that nature provides.

I began my journey as a photographer in early 2010. My wife and I traveled to six continents and forty-one countries over the course of a year. It was a life-changing experience that refocused my life's interests and opened countless doors, the most significant being photography. My work has been seen in numerous publications such as The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and The Daily Mail. 

In my spare time I work for Virunga National Park, Africa's largest national park located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  I lead a research project to capture the entire park through aerial photos in order to protect the habitat of the world's 880 remaining Mountain Gorillas from poaching and habitat invasion. All proceeds from the sale of my photos from D.R. Congo are donated to the Virunga Fund, the charitable organization that oversees critical improvements to the park.